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Great equipment doesn’t make you a great player – but bad equipment will ensure you never become one.

– Lee S. (Whack-A-Ball Owner/Player/Coach)

Whack-A-Ball is Proudly Sponsored by CounterStrike Table Tennis! CounterStrike offers professional equipment at incredible prices! We also have CounterStrike Equipment available for purchase in our Pro Shop at Whack-A-Ball! Join us during league night to purchase in person!

Whack-A-Ball Recommendations for Choosing Equipment

Choose the rubber mostly based on spin. If you’re a very spin oriented player, look for a combo with “Spin Mystic” rubber. If you’re not comfortable with lots of spin, look for a paddle with “Autopilot” rubber. If you are a fast player with light to medium spin, go with “Dark Velocity” rubber.

Choose your blades mostly based on speed. If you’re a slow player, choose the “Karma” blade. If you’re a fast player, choose the “Red Widow” blade. If you’re a medium pace player, choose between “Phantom Light”, “Alpha Dog”, or “Rally Bandit”. The only difference between these three blades is how the paddle “feels” when you hit the ball.