What are your business hours?

Technically we are open 24/7/365. We do not have any staff on site. Please join the Group Me chat to connect with other members to play.

We have an open league every Monday night (except during Holidays). Walk-in players are welcome! Show up by 6:30 p.m. to guarantee to get to play! If you decide to drop in some night, please join the Group Me chat or txt 260-255-5321 to confirm league play is still on. League generally lasts until 8:30 p.m. or 9:30 p.m depending on the amount of players.

Do you have to be a member to play at Whack-A-Ball? Can I just visit?

If for some reason the door is open, this means there is a staff member inside Whack-A-Ball and you do not need a membership to play. You would just pay the $5 guest fee to the staff member, or send the payment online by clicking HERE. There is no way to know if a staff member will be on site. Monday evening and Wednesday evening are the two most likely times that a staff member may be on site, but there are no guarantees.

You can also join our Group Me chat and request a member meet you to play. This would allow you to pay the $5 guest fee. Keep in mind a membership is only $10/player per month.

If there’s no staff, how do members get into Whack-A-Ball?

Once you sign up for a membership, download the VizPin Smart App on your smartphone. Register and enter the location ID BZM-ARP. Your key will NOT automatically work. Please be patient while the system activates your key. Most keys are activated within a few hours or less. If your key hasn’t been activated within 24 hours, please contact us. Be sure to allow the app access to your bluetooth functionality if it asks for permission. For a video of how to get in. Click HERE.

Can members bring guests? How does that work?

Yes! Members can bring as many guests as they’d like. We ask that members or their guest send a $5 payment for each guest via the following link: Click Here to Send Payment

What if I’m alone, would I be able to play at Whack-A-Ball?

Whack-A-Ball has purchased the top of the line Newgy 3050XL Robot. It is generally set up to use at all times. If for some reason it is not set up, please txt us at 260-255-5321.

Click Here to watch how to set up and use the robot.

You can also download the Group Me chat and join the conversation with other members. Click Here to join where we coordinate play and chat!

Do I have to bring my own equipment?

Whack-A-Ball has hundreds of balls available to play with at all times and some generic paddles for guests. But if you’re going to become a member, you’re going to want some professional equipment. While good equipment doesn’t make you a great player, bad equipment will ensure you never become one. Whack-A-Ball is proud to be sponsored by and support Counterstrike Table Tennis. We have all Counterstrike products in stock, and you can test and purchase paddles on league nights. Otherwise, please use this link to make your purchase – Counterstrike Store.

Whack-A-Ball recommendations for choosing equipment:

Choose the rubber mostly based on spin. If you’re a very spin oriented player, look for a combo with “Spin Mystic” rubber. If you’re not comfortable with lots of spin, look for a paddle with “Autopilot” rubber. If you are a fast player with light to medium spin, go with “Dark Velocity” rubber.

Choose your blades mostly based on speed. If you’re a slow player, choose the “Karma” blade. If you’re a fast player, choose the “Red Widow” blade. If you’re a medium pace player, choose between “Phantom Light”, “Alpha Dog”, or “Rally Bandit”. The only difference between these three blades is how the paddle “feels” when you hit the ball.

What if I have a problem or emergency while I am at Whack-A-Ball?

For Emergencies, please push the panic button located on the wall across from the bathroom, and call 911 immediately.

For non-emergencies, please txt us at 260-255-5321 or email us at whackaball@gmail.com.

What’s the best way to contact Whack-A-Ball?

Please txt us at 260-255-5321 or email us at whackaball@gmail.com.

How can I sign up my child for a membership?

You would include your children as “players”. When selecting your membership, be sure to select the appropriate amount of players for your family. Example – If you and your child want to play, you would select the “2 Players” membership.

Can I leave my child to play without a parent?

For liability reasons, you or a designated adult must be present to supervise your child. Whack-A-Ball is not a daycare facility.

Can I sign up my child without signing up myself?

You would sign up for a membership as “1 player” under the parent name and phone number. Please do not register your child’s name and phone number. If you want to play with your child, please sign up for the “2 Players” membership or pay the $5 guest fee each day you play without a membership.

Can members bring alcohol, food, or drinks?

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Food and drinks are acceptable. Please help us keep our building clean.

Do you take cash for leagues, guests, or equipment?

You can either pay in cash during a league night or you can Click Here to pay online.

Do you have any Covid or other health related restrictions?

Masks are not required but we do ask that players use the provided wipes to clean equipment such as tables, balls, and paddles after each use. Please help keep our building clean.

Do you offer lessons?

Whack-A-Ball Owner/Player/Coach Lee offers free advice during Leagues. If you’d like private lessons, contact Lee at whackaball@gmail.com or text 260-255-5321. Rate: $30/session.