What are your business hours?

Sunday – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday

10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Friday – Saturday

10 a.m. – Midnight

Do you have to be a member to play at Whack-A-Ball? Can I just visit?

You do not need to be a member to play at Whack-A-Ball! Check our pricing page for details on non-member fees!

Is Whack-A-Ball for competitive players only?

NO! The majority of our players are beginners or casual players, just looking for a fun time! Only a small percentage of our base are training to become professional players – but we are looking to grow in that area!

What if I’m alone, would I be able to play at Whack-A-Ball?

There are generally people of all skill levels available to play at all times! But if for some reason there is no one to play with, Whack-A-Ball has several top of the line robots for anyone to use! Think of it like a batting cage where the ball shoots out of a machine, it’s a blast! We have several tables available for robot use at all times! Staff can show you how to use these robots, but if you’re interested Click Here to watch how to set up and use the robots.

You can also download the Group Me chat and join the conversation with other members. Click Here to join and chat with our amazing community of players!

Do I have to bring my own equipment?

Whack-A-Ball has equipment for rent or you can purchase paddles, balls, shirts, and even shoes, directly from our pro shop!

While good equipment doesn’t make you a great player, bad equipment will ensure you never become one. Whack-A-Ball is proud to be sponsored by and support Counterstrike Table Tennis. We have all Counterstrike products in stock, and you can test and purchase paddles on league nights.

Whack-A-Ball recommendations for choosing equipment:

Choose the rubber mostly based on spin. If you’re a very spin oriented player, look for a combo with “Spin Mystic” rubber. If you’re not comfortable with lots of spin, look for a paddle with “Autopilot” rubber. If you are a fast player with light to medium spin, go with “Dark Velocity” rubber.

Choose your blades mostly based on speed. If you’re a slow player, choose the “Karma” blade. If you’re a fast player, choose the “Red Widow” blade. If you’re a medium pace player, choose between “Phantom Light”, “Alpha Dog”, or “Rally Bandit”. The only difference between these three blades is how the paddle “feels” when you hit the ball.

What’s the best way to contact Whack-A-Ball?

Please call or txt us at 260-255-5321 or email us at whackaball@gmail.com.

Is there a discount for children?

Children aged 6 and under are free, but they must play on one of our dedicated kids tables.

All kids ages 7 and over are treated as regular “players” and would have the same rate as anyone else.

Can I leave my child to play without a parent?

You or a designated adult must be present to supervise your child. Whack-A-Ball is not a daycare facility.

Can I sign up my child without signing up myself?

Yes, you can purchase a single day-pass or monthly membership for your child as a parent or guardian. But you or a designated adult must stay and supervise your child. If your child is staying for lessons with a Whack-A-Ball coach, then you’d be free to leave as long as the coach gives the okay. Just please remember to return for your child before the session is over…

Can members bring alcohol, food, or drinks?

Whack-A-Ball has drinks and snacks available for purchase. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Catering for parties is acceptable and encouraged! Please help us keep our building clean by cleaning up after your party as best you can.

Do you take cash?

You can pay with the exact amount of cash or you can pay in person with your credit/debit card. Whack-A-Ball does not provide change.

Do you have any Covid or other health related restrictions?

Masks are not required but we do ask that players follow basic hygiene practices to avoid becoming sick or smelly. Please help keep our building clean and sanitary.

Do you offer lessons?

Whack-A-Ball offers group training sessions periodically. A schedule for this is coming soon!

If you’d like to participate in these group sessions or private 1-on-1 lessons, contact us at whackaball@gmail.com.