Table Tennis/Ping Pong


Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is the activity that started Whack-A-Ball! We have equipment, lessons, leagues, tournaments, or just play with your friends and family! Top of the line tables, rubberized flooring, and olympic size courts for your enjoyment!

Click here to see our competitive table tennis page!

Ping Pong Robots


It’s like a pitching machine but with ping pong balls! There is an app that controls the robot and will shoot the ball with different spins, speeds, and locations! It has pre-loaded drills for beginners all the way to professionals and is super easy to use! We have several robots to use at any time of day!



Mini-bowling is like regular bowling in every way, except half the size! Up to six players can play on each lane! The balls are smaller and have no holes. You simply grab them in the palm of your hand and roll! The scoring is identical to regular bowling, with 10 frames! Mini-bowling also is faster than a game of regular bowling. A game of mini-bowling only takes about six minutes per person.


$6/9 holes

$10/18 holes

This one of a kind golf course was designed and built by Lee Seibold. Although it may look easy, it gets VERY challenging! The front 9 holes is designed to be simpler for smaller children to enjoy, while the back 9 will challenge even the most experienced mini-golfer!



Although we have a carpeted playing surface that plays similarly to a clay surface. It actually plays quite nice! Not to mention there’s no wind, rain, or sun in your eyes! Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA and one of the easiest racket sports to pick up and play!



Corn-hole is also one of the most popular growing sports in the USA. Professional corn-hole is becoming more and more commonplace! Whether you play competitively or you’re just looking to have some indoor fun, corn-hole is for you!

Shuffleboard Table


This retro activity is so much fun! It’s like curling but on a 22 foot long table! Sand/dust is placed on the table and you slide pucks and try to land in the scoring area. It takes a lot of skill and strategy to play!

Escape Room

$20/person (Max 4 People)

Escape time: 45 min for 1/2 people

Escape time: 30 min for 3/4 people

Oh no! You’re trapped in AREA 51 in a secret lab! You must find the secret formula to the everlasting life potion! If you don’t… it’s probably not going to end well! This escape room is rated for anyone age 12 and older. Adult supervision is encouraged! Give us a call to make a reservation! Otherwise just walk in and if it’s available and ready, you can try it out!

Bouncy House & Rock Wall

$10/hour for kids ages 7 – 12

$5/hour for kids ages 3 – 6

Free for kids under 3

These activities must still be supervised by an adult and you must sign a liability release form in order for your child to participate.



We have around a dozen of the most popular arcade games we could find! Skee ball, Aliens Shooter Game, Big Rig Trucker Racing, Claw Machines, and more! We also have a fun shop area where you can redeem your tickets for prizes! We hope to add more arcade games in the near future! Please come support us and let us know what kind of games you want to see!


Coin Operated (50 cents/game)

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ game of fooseball?! We do! We have table tennis so might as well play some table soccer! Our fooseball tables are fun for any age!

Bundle Pricing

Want to bundle activities for a better deal?

Choose 2 activities for $18/person and save $2!

Choose 3 activities for $25/person and save $5!

Choose 4 activities for $30/person and save $10!

Or ask us about our Ultimate Activity Bundle for $45!